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Florida life insurance quotes can be found on numerous Internet sites. You should be aware that over 70% of you will not qualify for the posted rates. A company with a slightly higher "Internet" rate might end up being cheaper after you are underwritten. Since it cost exactly the same whether you use an agent or do-it-yourself, you might as well give us a call. We will help you determine which rate will apply to you and drill down a little deeper to uncover any bargains. Here are some examples:

Example 1: Male 6’0” 206 lbs. Banner Life quotes him as Super Preferred NS Class (Best Class), while First Penn-Pacific and Protective Life quote him Preferred NS Class (Second to Best)

Example 2: Female stopped smoking 4 years ago. West Coast Life quotes her as Super Preferred Non-Smoker Class (Best), while Transamerica Occidental quotes her in the Preferred Non-Smoker Class (Third best for Transamerica)

Example 3: Male 50 years old with blood pressure of 136/84. First Colony Life quotes him as Super Preferred Class (Best Class), while Protective Life quotes him in the Preferred Class (Second Best)

You can see that getting quotes off of the Internet will not guarantee you the lowest possible premium. Typically, someone will apply for insurance, have a paramed perform a physical and wait for a rate. When the rate comes back you are inclined to accept it no matter what the results are. You figure that every insurance company will rate you the same. You certainly don't want to go through the whole process with another company.

Don't get me wrong, I think the Internet is great. However, Florida life insurance or any insurance product for that matter, is not something you want to or need to buy from a computer. There isn't one insurance product that is available online that you cannot get from an agent for the exact same premium.

Florida life insurance products come in many different "flavors" depending on your circumstances. You can get plans with no medical exam, level premiums, plans that convert to long term care insurance, special plans to pay off your house or protect your mortgage. Give us a call and we will talk for a few minutes to help figure out what the best plan for you will be.

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