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Florida group health insurance is outrageously expensive. There is no such thing as an inexpensive group health insurance plan. Here are the facts:

1. All Florida group health insurance plans have significantly raised their rates. If you think there is a less expensive plan out there - forget it. Tell the boss to get off your back - in a nice way.

2. Unless you have a very large group, the insurance carrier is not going to shed any tears if you leave. They would love to dump all of their small groups.

3. If you have a healthy small group, individual insurance plans will save you a lot of money and erase years of increases.

4. If you have a group with 21 or more participants, a partially self-funded PPO plan might be your best bet. Ask us about the details.

5. We have some individual major medical plans that can be list billed.

6. If you are self-employed, an MSA plan might provide you an alternative to expensive group insurance.

7. If you have 51+ employees, we have a Florida group health insurance plan that will have 30-60% lower rates than anything else out there. You should definitely call for the details if you are eligible.

Florida group health insurance plans are issued on a guaranteed issue basis. An individual in the group cannot be denied coverage. This is great for some individuals who are otherwise uninsurable. However, this can be disaster for the carrier. That is one of the reasons that small group health insurance is so expensive.

If you want to lower your premiums you will need to be creative. There are many new types of plans available that will help you do just that. Most agencies give you the standard quote from the standard companies. If you want to work with a Florida group health insurance specialist, give us a call.

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