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Dental Plans starting at $6.95 a month

How to buy Florida dental insurance

florida dental plans A lot of people call us with just a hint of desperation in their voice. It usually means that they just returned from the dentist and they found out that they need a few thousand dollars worth of dental work. They call us expecting that they will purchase a plan for ten bucks a month and it will cover a least half (if not more) of their dental expenses. These people are still high on the nitrous oxide. Boy, is it going to hurt when it wears off!
  dental insurance florida This is a no-brainer
If you go to the dentist twice a year and a plan offers you cleanings, xrays, etc., at 50% to 70% savings, it's a no-brainer. Get the plan. If you need fillings or major work you will save a lot of money in addition to the preventive care.

On the other hand, if you wait for Halley's Comet to appear before you have a cleaning then save your money.

florida dental insurance

Hey boss, you can start a dental plan for your employees and it won't cost your a dime.

Florida dental plan facts:
1. Your dentist might not be in a plan that you can afford or that is offered to you. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other qualified dentists in the plan. You might have to change dentists.
2. A ten dollar a month plan will not pay for the kid's braces. Nor, will it fully reimburse you for five thousand dollars worth of bridge work.
You can get very deep discounts on dental work from inexpensive plans. It is not unusual to save 50% to 70% on certain procedures.
4. Group plans in Florida do not have a required employer contribution. The boss can start one for the employees and not have to contribute. So, there is no excuse not to have a dental plan where you work. A Section 125 plan will let you pay for the dental insurance with pre-tax money.

group dental insurance

Group Dental Insurance

Florida group dental insurance is a very affordable benefit. As an individual you will find it very difficult to get the same level of benefits that you can obtain through a group. The good part is that you only need three employees to have a small group. Plus, the plan can be entire voluntary. The employer does not have to contribute a dime. Although, for a relatively small monthly payment, an employer will dramatically increase employee retention, productivity and motivation. Not to mention eliminating the cost of losing and retraining a new employee.

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